It's almost that time of year again!

September 23/24 Alumni Weekend!

Social is Friday night 7 to 11p.m.

Dinner and Dance this year is at the Byrd Center.

The Golf Scramble will be September 10 at the Riverside Golf Course and starts at 7 a.m.!

Information will be sent out soon and be published in the Wetzel Chronicle newspaper.

Hope to see a lot out this year!!! So call your classmates and let's make this a wonderful time ...

Alumni officers this year are:

President - Heather Brown

Vice President - Carolyn Yoho

2nd Vice President - Megan Bucher

Recording Secretary - Steve Morris

Corresponding Secretary - Jenny (Ring)Brown

 Treasurer - Dick Hinerman

Shortline Alumni Association

Welcome to the Shortline Alumni Association!

Alumni Weekend * September 23-24 2016